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Women for Cultural Wisdom (WCW)


UN-SF 65th Tea Walk for Peace in Muir Woods

Women for Cultural Wisdom (WCW)

UN-SF 65th Press Release (PDF)

Event Poster (PDF)

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UN-SF 65th Tea Walk for Peace - Women for Cultural Wisdom (WCW), founded by Sonia Gaemi Ed.D., R.D., has been a beacon in the movement for self-healing and peace for more than 25 years, encouraging women to become peacemakers and to take leadership for their own health and human rights. Dr. Sonia is an expert on multicultural food practices for self-healing and bridges communities to foster health and healing across the world. She initiated the annual One Day for Peace and Healing in 2000 in San Francisco, celebrating alongside 72 countries, and has sparked peace projects in many parks, schools, and healing centers including in Los Angles after September 11, 2001, and in Bam, Iran after the devastating earthquake of 2003. The combination of Qigong exercise with an all-natural tea service is a tradition that Dr. Sonia has shared for the self- healing energies of individuals and for peace in the world. Dr. Sonia is Berkeley Public Health Principal Investigator Researcher on Women natural hormones and author of “Eating Wisely for Hormonal Balance” and also Co-Chair of the Committee for Women’s Human Rights of the United Nations Association of San Francisco.

Join Our New Vision--Our Vision--The mission of Women for Cultural Wisdom is to promote self-healing and good health through the leadership of women as Peace Makers. We accomplish the art of self-healing by cultivating the energy of food wisdom, love, and nature. Our tools include scientific research, Qi Gong Energy Healing, food wisdom, art, and other physical and emotive therapies. WCW fuses ancient wisdom, modern science, and art in the practice of integrated preventative medicine for individual and global healing. We plan to establish global self-healing centers.

Our Voice--WCW brings a multicultural self-healing education to the world based on Chinese, Persian, and Middle Eastern foods and medicine in concert with the advances of science, research discoveries, and diverse nutritional models. The annual One Day Self-Healing Project is a powerful tradition that focuses on specific ways to improve individual peace, longevity, and health for families worldwide. Through creating an active women's global and local leadership network and promoting media consciousness, we are establishing a new health-wisdom model.

WCW sponsors therapeutic instruction based on love, the enjoyment of whole plant foods, tea, art, music, poetry, Qi Gong energy healing, and a toxin free environment. WCW offers multicultural self-healing education through workshops, events, and technology. The programs may be held at retreat centers, workshops, schools, or annual conferences.

How To Join--Join our mission to share peace and healing among nations and individuals. Empower women by sponsoring nutrition and alternative care research, conferences, and educational grants for individuals.

Email or contact Dr. Sonia for an application to join. Make checks payable to: WCW "One Day Self-Healing" Project or Denna E-Tandorosti. Mailing address: 2615 Ashby Avenue/Berkeley, CA 94705, USA.

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T.V. Show-"The Art of Self-healing" with Dr. Sonia--Dr. Sonia presents "The Art of Self-Healing" a Food and Energy program on healing, broadcast on international Appadana satellite television network.

Through energy of food wisdom, love and nature's ancient wisdom from the Silk Road to modern society studying new health wisdom model.

Pioneer food and Chinese Medical Qi Gong authority Dr. Sonia Gaemi, a registered Dietician and multicultural food therapist and energy self healing Qi Gong therapist. She is the first woman to host nutritional Food Wisdom Therapy on-line, has created the first woman's global satellite T.V. show on "The Art of Self-Healing". Broadcasting from California, Dr. Sonia will reach the United States, Middle East, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the Orient bridging food for healing and Qi Gong, an energy healing with meditation, from culture to culture.

The show in English and Farsi "The Art of Self Healing" or "Sorood Khod-Shafabakhshi" features information on food and energy self healing for the body, mind and spirit. From the Silk Road to modern scientific study, Dr. Sonia will demonstrate the relationships of food, culinary cooking with herbs, supplements, Chinese Medical Qi Gong, yoga, acupressure, tea for life, a toxin-free environment, meditation, poetry, sound, music and other integrative health practices, in preventing diseases and staying young.

Dr. Sonia's guests will be people making a difference in creating more spiritually, and a more body nourishing culture such as Deepak Chopra and a prominent Persian woman who has been effective in healing herself and others. In the U.S., the severe jump in frequency in heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression and fatigue, and the rise in obesity and overweight individuals, indicates a need to seek wisdom to heal ourselves.

The Surgeon General Warns: Obesity "a threat" to US security. Two out of three adults and children in the US are obese or overweight, this number has jumped by over 50% in the last decade. Overweight America is killing itself with excess and all that can save it is a cultural transformation led by individuals and families. Preparedness as a nation depends on our health as individuals. Adding to this problem is the lack of exercise among youth and eating of processed foods. This pattern extends beyond the United States.

We see the same result in the rest of the world in urban areas. If the rest of the world follows the US lead in our food culture and lifestyle, the world is in trouble. The first step in world healing begins with self-healing. Teaching people to teach themselves is the model used by Dr. Sonia and has worked in many cultures. History reveals that women are good leaders and healers in health of the body, mind and soul. So when women's wisdom is heard the world will be healed. This is the century that Mother Nature is urging us to make the shift.

Dr. Sonia as a multicultural nutrition and energy-healing expert brings the "Art of Self Healing" by international media Appadana in Northern California to each individual's home around the globe. To make this global village a healing center.

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Dr. Sonia's healing center

Sonia in front of her WCW mural

Dr. Sonia giving Qi Gong instruction in the park

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