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About Dr. Sonia

When hearts and minds meet, Women take courage.

Sonia Gaemi Ed.D., R.D. has been a pioneer in the movement for self-healing and peace for more than 25 years, encouraging women to become peacemakers and to take leadership for their own health and human rights.  As founder of the nonprofit organization Women for Cultural Wisdom (WCW), Dr. Sonia bridges communities to foster health and healing across the world.  She initiated the annual One Day for Peace and Healing in 2000 in San Francisco, celebrating with tea and Qigong alongside 72 countries, and has sparked peace projects in many parks, schools, and healing centers across the US, Iran and the Middle East.  Dr. Sonia is the Co-Chair of the Committee for Women’s Human Rights of the United Nations Association of San Francisco.  The UN awarded her the title of “The Most Amazing Woman” in 1995 for organizing a Conference on Natural Hormones and her philosophy of Food Wisdom and Tea for Life.

Dr. Sonia’s forthcoming book Sonia and Sophia; Thousands of Women like Us tells the story of unity and friendship between a Jewish and Muslim girl growing up together in Iran and moving to the US, searching for self healing and women’s justice.  In this seminal journey she presents her model for healing and peace, based on four elements: eating green, thinking green, soaring in greenery (which comes through the internal energy and breathing work of Wild Geese Qigong), and a revival of traditional tea culture.

International speaker and university lecturer on multicultural food practices for self-healing, having received her doctoral degree in International Education from SFU, Dr. Sonia contributes expert advice and commentary to major media outlets and has produced and hosted her own internationally broadcast TV show: The Art of Self Healing.  She is the author of multiple books on nutrition, including: Eating Wisely for Hormonal Balance, and Eating Wisely for Hormonal Balance Journaling. Dr. Sonia maintains a private practice as an Integrated Preventative Registered Dietitian, having served her internship at UC Berkeley, and is a certified Chinese Medical Qigong instructor.  Serving as Principal Investigator for the Public Health Institute of Berkeley, Dr. Sonia oversees research about the natural plant-based hormones found in garbanzo, soy and tea.

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Close up of Dr. Sonia


Christine Jones
Created: 2004