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Tea for Life

Ancient mysteries of healing from the Orient to the Indies have tantalized and intrigued Western man for generations. Secret wonders are exchanged in the trade of the Silk Road caravans, and now a part of this sacred tradition is in your teacup. Dr. Sonia's unique phytohormonal tea blends are the culmination of a lifetime of passionate research on health, nutrition, Qi Gong (energy life force) and the ancient wisdom of diverse cultural traditions. Tea for Life is part of an innovative new food wisdom pyramid model designed as a practical, joyful way to turn around our habitually unbalanced eating patterns.

Tea for Life blends the traditional healing powers of tealeaves with the delicate, flavorful qualities of culinary herbs, spices, berries, and flowers to create an organic set of delicious infusions designed for complete mind-body health. The flavors and colors of these foods are missing from today's busy, restless lifestyle. The art and science supporting Tea for Life is to increase the absorption of nutrients and enhance energy flow for body mind healing. It helps to nourish organs for balancing hormones, enzymes, and healthy immune system and calming the mind.

Each tea incorporates a life-body-balance color system, with yellow elements to help strengthen the immune system, red and purples to nourish the heart, blood, and hormones, and green components to cleanse the liver for body refreshment. The delicately contrived combinations of flavors and colors feed specific organs and body systems. Tea for Life contains carefully selected natural organic ingredients, with no added sugar and limited caffeine.

Tea for Life originated in the One Day Self-Healing Project, and has been welcomed by the United Nations Hague's Peace Conference as a model for self-healing. Part of the proceeds from Tea for Life are donated to Women for Cultural Wisdom, an organization dedicated to empowering women by the integration of ancient wisdom and modern science for the art of self healing.

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Painting of Dr. Sonia having tea

Sofia, Dr. Sonia's grandchild having tea

Dr. Sonia tea logo

Christine Jones
Created: 2004