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Books, Tapes, Videos

A World of Choices Nutrition Cookbook

A World of Choices is more than a collection of recipes. Dr. Sonia has packed this innovative text with the healthiest food choices from various cultures and adapted them to today's varied tastes and lifestyles. You will enjoy recipes that are low in fat, salt, and sugar while high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. In A World of Choices, you will find all the information you need to completely reform your menu planning, shopping, cooking, and eating habits, whether eating at home, dining out, traveling, attending parties, or at work. You'll find numerous substitutions and variations for each recipe-enough to suit your tastes, your budget, and to bring cooking creativity to life. To purchase A World of Choices Nutritional Cookbook, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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NutraEra Weight Smart Program

The NutraEra WeightSmart program is the most comprehensive nutritional educational program for weight loss and weight maintenance ever developed. As is re-educates you, WeightSmart will change your relationship to food forever! With the NutraEra WeightSmart Program you will receive.

  • Education on the science of neuroendocrinology-the psychology of eating as it relates to the physiology of certain responses in the body, such as insulin, hunger and eating behavior.
  • A complete ten-session WeightSmart Resource Guide nutritional education with accompanying audiocassettes-the necessary education to actually transform yourself, giving you the motivation you need to change your relationship to food forever.
  • NutraEra FiberFood-The greatest hunger-controlling aid available that also helps you rev up your metabolism, balance your insulin and blood sugar levels, eliminate your cravings, lower your cholesterol and change your taste buds!
  • Personal Computerized Analysis-Unparalleled support, like a close professional friend, in the form of the most advanced computer analysis available today!

To purchase NutraEra WeightSmart Program, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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NutraEra WeightSmart Visualization Tapes

Using the visualizations on this two-audiocassette package, you will learn to use visualization in a conscious, positive manner and allow your visualization to create many tremendous benefits in your life. Visualization is a proven, scientific technique that is used successfully by athletes, leaders, and high performance achievers to "rehearse" the mind for positive action. To purchase NutraEra WeightSmart Visualization Tapes, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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Qi Gong Energy Healing Video

Coming Soon! Contact Dr. Sonia for more information at or at (510) 466-5022.

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Tea for Life

Chai For Life

Cravings, Energy Healing, Joy--Chai for Life is a shockingly aromatic, flavorful alternative to satisfy cravings for coffee, chocolate, sodas, alcohol, and other unwanted eating behaviors by including a minimal dose of caffeine. This rich, comforting infusion contains essences for whole body and mind healing through Yin/Yang balance and enhanced flow of energy. Its full-bodied flavor comes from the vibrant blend of red and black tea, and traditional soothing spices, to cheer the soul and fulfill the body morning, afternoon, or evening.

Contains minimal amounts of caffeine - black and red tea, rooibas, ginger, licorice, orange peel, cayenne and black pepper, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon, clover, coriander, nutmeg, allspice. To purchase tea, visit

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Peaceful Happy Tea

Calming, Digestion, Immune System--This calming, fortifying tea is a unique infusion of flowers and spices to tickle the taste buds and focus breathing. The fresh zeal of peppermint meets the full-bodied gentleness of rose petals to sharpen the senses and enhance concentration. Other spices cleanse the cells and skin inside and out, while relaxing the body and mind. Yellow components facilitate digestion and absorption by nourishing friendly bacteria and healthy enzymes, fundamental to boosting the immune system. Drink and breathe Peaceful Happy Tea in the morning as a caffeine-free path to an epitomized mental state. Sip and savor the tea in the evening for a health-enhancing, peaceful, deep sleep.

A caffeine free blend - Lemon balm, red clover, peppermint, hibiscus flower, chamomile, roasted brown rice, cardamom, orange zest, rose petals (vitamin C and estrogen). To purchase tea, visit

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Healthy and Wise

Harmony, PMS, Menopause, Healthy Weight--The rich, deep color of red clover, purple borage, and red Persian berries signifies the phytoestrogenic components of this intense concoction. The voluptuous flavor is accentuated by fennel seeds for restoring energy, the mild flavor of green tea for system-wide healing, and the tart citrus taste of chrysanthemum, vital for healthy hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular and circulatory system stabilization. Healthy and Wise is a satisfying blend that may either ease or prevent symptoms of PMS, menopause and osteoporosis, as well as assisting healthy weight maintenance by balancing hormones, and enhancing metabolism for complete health and longevity.

Contains minimal amounts of caffeine - Green, red and black tea, lemon balm, lemon peels, borage purple flower, fennel seeds, black tea, dandelion, red clover, chrysanthemum, red Persian berries. To purchase tea, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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Sophia's Tea-Time for Children

Healthy Growth, Healing, Flavor--Teatime is prime time for your child's healing! Plant a seed that will start healthy habits for a lifetime. Inspired by Sonia's grandchildren (Sophia, Koosha, Liela, Kian, Sasha, and Denna), this spearmint potion includes red berries, lemon and fruity flavors for pleasure and health in the morning, with snacks, or after school. Children love this comforting concoction with crystal sugar and raisins for added sweetness. Named for Sophia, which means wisdom, this tea brings healthy habits to our schools and children, focusing on the main problem in society - unhealthy snacking and beverages.

A caffeine-free blend - spearmint, red sour tea, lemon balm, assorted berries, apricot, red apple. To purchase tea, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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Denna's Herbal Chai

Yin-Yang, Energy Healing and Cleansing--A rouge, sweet, creamy cupful of Herbal Chai includes the exotically refreshing taste of South African Rooibas plant, a sweet herb overflowing with antioxidants for releasing energy, balancing the body's Yin and Yang (acids and alkalines), easing anxiety, and balancing blood sugar. Adored for its harmonizing qualities as preparation for Zen meditation, this delightful mixture blends the zing of pepper and allspice with the sweet blandness of nutmeg, ginger and licorice for an amazingly balanced flavor, which encourages healthy cravings and aids digestion. Similar to Chai for life but without caffeine, Herbal Chai is excellent as a latte, with soy or almond milk.

A caffeine-free blend - Ginger, rooibas, licorice, orange peel, cayenne & black pepper, fennel, coriander, nutmeg, allspice. To purchase tea, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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Other Products


FiberFood is unlike any other fiber supplement you may have heard about. This unique product is the direct result of neuroendocrine research, which confirms that balancing insulin and blood sugar levels will help control impulsive eating. Taken 20-30 minutes before meals, FiberFood helps you control your hunger and eliminate unwanted food cravings. FiberFood also promotes weight loss by giving you a pleasant sense of fullness so you don't feel hungry. Mix FiberFood with milk, fruit juice, or blended into a delicious shake. Try adding a small amount of banana, raisins, dates, or other fruit. To purchase FiberFood, contact Dr. Sonia at or at (510) 466-5022.

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