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WCW Day of Self Healing and Peace

One Day of Self-Healing--This Millennium, the century of healing, WCW (Women for Cultural Wisdom )has given birth to the annual "One Day of Self-Healing and Peace with Food" Project, held every March 21st locally and globally to encourage the daily cultivation of Self-Healing. Self-Healing is a plan for nourishing all the body's organs by tasting diverse tea, berries and spices, as well as whole greens and plants that renew the earth, circulate oxygen and revive human energy. The Project brings modern science together with an exchange of cultural wisdom creating a world model from diverse cultural heritages to further the art of healing with food, flavor, color, art and conscious breathing.

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History of program and events highlights

  • Celebrating Senses, Flavors, & Color
  • Natural Hormone Therapy for Women
  • Snack Time is Prime Time for Children's Healing
  • Qi Gong Life Force Energy Healing
  • Walk for a Clean Smoke-Free Environment
  • Tea for Individual and World Healing
  • Research projects for Self- healing resources

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Dr. Sonia's healing center

Sonia in front of her WCW mural

Dr. Sonia giving Qi Gong instruction in the park

Christine Jones
Created: 2004