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Press Release -- Brief

February 2004


Women for Cultural Wisdom Presents "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace"

International aid has flooded Bam, Iran, after the recent earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed traditional cultures and eco-systems. To show gratitude and appreciation to the many nations of the world that provided emergency assistance and compassionate support to the people of Bam, the Women for Cultural Wisdom (WCW) plans to sustain this international friendship and peace through their visionary project to create "Bam, The Land of Healing & Peace".

Built around the central Rumi's Dome, "Bam, the Land of Healing and Peace" will be a multi-media peace center that embodies the healing energy leading to life's renewal. Individual nations will be represented to symbolize the common threads that weave a culture of peace. The traditions, land and people of Bam will be honored by bridging Rumi's approach to life, Persian and Chinese medical energy healing, and ancient traditional cultural wisdom.

The global project "Bam, The Land of Healing & Peace" (in Farsi: "Noe Sazi E Eskan Namaee Bam barayee Solh, Khod Shafa Bakhshi va Dosti")," is based on the original concept of Dr. Sonia Gaemi, founder and president of Women for Cultural Wisdom and sponsored by an international team of leading educators and professionals.

To participate in this project, or for further information, please contact Dr. Sonia Gaemi at (510) 466-5022 or

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Dr. Sonia celebrating Persian New Year

Sonia with other participants of the dome project in a dome in BAM, Iran

Dr. Sonia with her grandchildren

Christine Jones
Created: 2004