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Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate Quiz Answers

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1. Theobroma cacao is a small tree that bears its flowers and fruit on the main trunk as well as on the branches. The fruits are pods containing a mass of beans. What popular flavoring is produced from these beans?

Choice three, chocolate. Theobroma cacao beans are used to prepare cocoa and chocolate.

2. Camelia sinensis is a small tree that is generally grown as a bush. Its leaves are harvested and used for what popular beverage?

Choice two, tea. The leaves of Camelia sinensis are harvested, dried, and used for brewing tea. The drying can be carried out in a number of ways resulting in characteristic flavors. There are several varieties of Camelia plant and each variety produces leaves with their own individual aroma and flavor. It is common to blend the leaves from different varieties of the tea plant to produce different teas.

3. Coffea arabica is a tree cultivated for its beans which are used to make coffee. Which of the following is used during the process of preparing the raw coffee beans for brewing a cup of coffee?

Choice four, all of the above. Fermentation, drying, and roasting are all part of the process of preparing the coffee beans for brewing.

4. Caffeine is an alkaloid and acts in the body as a mild stimulant. In which of these substances is it present?

Choice four, all of the above. Coffee, tea, and chocolate all contain caffeine. Coffee contains the most, tea contains less than coffee, and chocolate contains trace amounts.

5. Caffeine found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and kola drinks affects normal chemical reactions in the cells of the body. Which of the following organs are affected by caffeine?

Choice four, all of the above. Caffeine affects cells in all six of the organs listed. Caffeine affects virtually ALL cells, even fat cells, generally resulting in an increase of cell function by increasing metabolism, secretions, transmitter release, etc.

6. Tannin is tannic acid, an organic chemical that in very large amounts can cause liver damage. Which of the following contains tannin?

Choice two, tea. Tea contains tannin (tannic acid). Normal tea consumption presents no problem for most people and is actually beneficial because, like caffeine, tannin is a mild stimulant. Excessive amounts of very strong tea would be necessary for any liver damage to occur.
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